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One Christmas….

On a very special Christmas during WWI something extraordinary happened. German soldiers began lighting makeshift Christmas trees along their trench lines. Graham Williams, a British soldier, on one of the holding lines along The Western Front, reported ” that as … Continue reading

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Sapper John French’s diaries…..

Young John French was just 23 when he left the tin mines of Cornwall for an even deadlier job… digging tunnels deep under German positions on the Western Front. And his immaculate pencilled log, charting the horrors of life in … Continue reading

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Dec 12th 1917 French Train Disaster.

More than 500 French soldiers are killed when their train derails in Modane, France, on this day in 1917. The troops were returning from fighting in Italy. There was ample warning that the conditions were dangerous, but the French officers ignored … Continue reading

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Cricket in World War One

The onset of World War One in 1914 brought an end to the “Golden Age” of English cricket. Surrey called off their last two matches without forfeiting their position at the top of the County Championship, which they thus won for the first time … Continue reading

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GAS ATTACK 1916 Arthur Empey was an American living in New Jersey when war consumed Europe in 1914. Enraged by the sinking of the Lusitania and loss of the lives of American passengers, he expected to join an American army … Continue reading

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