Admiral Jellicoe’s message to the Fleet.

“I desire to express to the flag officers, captains, officers and men of the Grand Fleet my very high appreciation of the manner in which the ships fought during the action of May 31, 1916.

At this stage, when full information is not available, it is not possible to enter into details, but quite sufficient is already known to enable me to state definitely that the glorious seamen were most worthily upheld.

Weather conditions of a highly unfavourable nature robbed the Fleet of that complete victory which I know was expected by all ranks.

Our losses were heavy, and we miss many most gallant comrades, but although it is very difficult to obtain accurate information as to the enemy losses. I have no doubt that we shall find that they are certainly not less than our own. Sufficient information has already been received for me to make that statement with confidence. (Germany suffered 2,551 losses. Britain lost over 6,000.)

I hope to be able to give the Fleet fuller information on this point at an early date, but do not wish to delay the issue of this expression of my keen appreciation of the work of the Fleet and my confidence in future complete victory.

I cannot close without stating that the wonderful spirit and fortitude of the wounded had filled me with the greatest admiration. I am more proud than ever to have the honour of commanding a Fleet manned by such officers and men.

J.R. Jellicoe, Admiral Commanding-in-Chief”

Admiral Jellicoe


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